Accounting Policies and Processes Training

The Division of Accounts conducts an Annual Accounting Policies and Processes training to all interested Government of Guam employees.



 * DOA Training Book 06-23-2016 *

* DOA Training Slides 11-23-2015 *



*UPDATE* Next Training: 

End of 4th Quarter

August 2017

Invite Aug2017




New Formats:


Level One

(prerequisite to Level 2; focuses on SOP)

Level Two

(Navigating FMS)

 with topics focused on Fixed Assets and Federal Grants




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is the training for?:
The training provides basic governmental accounting information to guide public servants whose duties, whether directly or indirectly, include working with the Department of Administration’s Division of Accounts.

Do I need to have an accounting background or knowledge?:
Having basic bookkeeping, accounting or governmental accounting knowledge will help you to grasp the concept quicker than those without. However, it is NOT a pre-requisite or requirement to attend this very beneficial training.

When are the trainings offered?:
The trainings are offered twice a year. Typically one during the First Quarter of the Fiscal Year (between October and December); followed by the second training of the Fiscal Year being held around the Third Quarter (between April and June).
It would be best to monitor the Training Calendar prepared by the Department of Administration’s Human Resoureces Division’s Training and Development Branch.

Is it a “hands on” learning?:
While it would be very helpful to have a “work station” or “wi-fi” access to the Accounting module, this type of learning is not available.
However, know that we are still considering the pros and cons of allowing trainees to work in a “hands on” environment.

Am I allowed to bring a laptop or storage media?
We highly recommend that you bring a storage media, such as a USB, to avail any training material and updated forms for your future use and reference.

Who should attend the training?:
Although the training is targeted to those who work with accounting-related processes (Administrative Services Officers, Administrative Officers, Administrative Assistants, etc), it is open to ANY active Government of Guam employee who would like to benefit as a better informed public servant of the Government of Guam.

How do I sign up?:
There are two ways to sign up:

1) Contact the Training and Development Branch of the Department of Administration Human Resources Division at 475-1294 or 475-1138.

2) Send an email to with your Name, Title, Department / Division and Contact Number(s).



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