>> Some forms updated as of Jan 2017 <<
Affidavit – Forged Check (w/Signature Specimen)(Instructions)
Affidavit – Stop Payment (w/Signature Specimen)
Encumbrance – Deobligate (Internal)(Instructions)
Encumbrance (Purchase Order) – Tracking
Establishment of Account(Instructions) *Corrected 03/28/2016*
Fixed Assets Forms
FMS Security Access Request(Instructions) *Updated 03/14/2016*
Journal Voucher (single and multiple)(Instructions) *Corrected 05/20/2016*
Mileage – POV Approval Form(Instructions) *Updated 01/25/2017*
Mileage – POV Daily Mileage Report *Corrected 02/20/2017*
Mileage – POV Reimbursement Request
Payment Request – Direct(Instructions) *Updated 06/22/2016, includes multiple pages*
Payroll Deduction Authorization(Instructions)
Payroll Deduction Cancellation
Payroll Direct Deposit Form
Payroll Leave Application
Payroll CTA, OT Req & Waiver
Payroll Special Payment Request(Instructions)
Payroll Change of Employee Job Order Master(Instructions)
Petty Cash – Forms(Instructions)
Release of Claim(Instructions) *Updated 09/28/2015*
Signature Specimen – Forms(Instructions)
TPS Depositor’s Report (Instructions)
TPS Request for Access(Instructions)
Travel – Forms(Instructions)
Travel – MIP Mileage Waiver *NOT VALID for Travel AFTER 04/11/2013 per PL32-19*
Travel – Mileage Compliance Donation Memorandum
Utility Service Authorization (Eff FY2013) (Instructions)
Vendor Record – Establishment(Instructions) *Updated 01/23/2017*
Vendor Record – EFT Form
Work Request(Instructions) *Updated 08/20/2015*
W-9 Request for Taxpayer ID and Certification (Dec 2014)(Instructions)




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